Australasian Nurse Educators
Conference 2015

Being, Knowing, Caring

11 - 13 November 2015
Pullman Hotel, Auckland, New Zealand

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Welcome. Tena Koutou katoa

We extend our warmest welcome to you on the occasion of the 17th Australasian Nurse Educators Conference 2015.

If the only constant in the universe is change, nurses strive not only to embrace change, but be the agents of that change. Strength is gained in partnership, which is why nurse educators from both academic and clinical settings, are collaborating together to develop our current and future workforce. We believe the key message for this year’s conference particularly resonates as we aim to provide a forum where we can share in – Co-Creating the Future.

We purposely chose to adopt broad themes to encourage a rich diversity of material for the conference. In developing these themes it was decided to consider what it is that constitutes being a nurse? This deliberation resulted in the three broad themes of Being, Knowing and Caring.

Being: refers not only to the attitude required of the nurse, but the mix of attributes which are essential components in the embodiment of a nurse. These attributes combine to form the very essence of being a nurse and may include: leadership, cultural, spiritual, philosophical, ideological, ethical, motivational and inspirational.

Knowing: acknowledges the fundamental patterns of knowing. These include, knowing in regards to ethics, aesthetics, empirics and personal knowing (Carper, 1978). What kind of knowing is most valuable for the nurse? This knowing may include innovations in teaching and learning, researching, e-learning and learning by use of simulation.

Caring: involves the combination of knowledge and caring skills that the nurse must possess to provide excellent care. The careful choice of caring as opposed to ‘skills’ is to ensure the inclusion of empathy and compassion, without which, the attainment of practical nursing skills is meaningless. This theme may also include: the application of knowledge to practice, research which changes practice, new ideas and the practical ‘hands on’ approach of the nurse. In fact, everything nurses do.

Reference: Carper, B.A. (1978). Fundamental patterns of knowing in nursing. Advances in Nursing Science, 1, 13 – 23

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